"Mediterranean Comfort in A Northern Climate"

Quote from Twyla Campbell

A dining experience should always be about more than the food. This is the case at Zula where cocktail creation and wine curation receive as much attention as what comes out of the kitchen.

Our Founder

Founded by Yuksel Gultekin, renowned for his iconic Turkish restaurant, Sofra, Zula is a testament to his passion for exceptional hospitality and delicious cuisine.

With over 17 years of experience, Yuksel brings his expertise to Zula, where every dish is meticulously crafted from scratch using the freshest ingredients.

Whether indulging in our signature rack of lamb or sharing a mixed kebab platter, Zula offers a diverse menu catering to vegetarians, pescatarians, and carnivores alike.

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Private Room Booking

We provide a private room tailored for business luncheons and meetings, complete with a versatile TV monitor compatible with your phone or computer, ideal for seamless presentations.

If you are interested in booking, please contact our restaurant: 780.929.3112 

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